[UPDATED] HOW-TO: LDRs and IR LEDs / photodiodes and modulation etc

Hi fellow Arduinites:

I’m working on Attached is a tutorial covering various aspects of using LDRs for visible light and IR LEDS and IR photodiodes.

It’s about halfway done now, and the incomplete draft is attached.

I’d appreciate any comments and will try to incorporate them. I’ll keep the latest version attached to this opening post.

Mods if you think this is in the wrong place, feel free to move it…

Revision history:
Incomplete Draft, 26 December
Less Incomplete Draft including Part 4, 27 December
Final draft, Part 5 and 6 added, a few things changed, 28 December.

Tutorial on sending messages by visible light and IR- COMPLETE DRAFT v3 28 dec.pdf (863 KB)

Update draft v2 attached to opening post.

Final draft attached to opening post.

I hope it helps someone. It was fun to do…