Updated IDE 1.6.0 to 1.6.5 Missing Features

Hi, in order to take advantage of the Due watchdog I had to update from IDE 1.6.0 to 1.6.5. Everything is ok however 2 small features that were in 1.6.0 are missing and hoping someone might know which files hold these so I can possibly replace with 1.6.0 and use again. I went through the preference file but couldn't see anything.

  1. When I press CTRL+F I get the search window, then I move it to the side and it gets buried by other screens so I press CTRL+F again and it shows back up in the middle of the IDE window. In 1.6.0 it would show up in the location it was dragged to, not in the middle of the IDE window. This is really frustrating because I'm always moving it to the side.

  2. In 1.6.0 if I press CTRL and then select multiple lines of code it will only select to the point I drag the mouse on each line of code, this was really handy. Doesn't work in 1.6.5, pressing CTRL still selects the full lines of code.


They changed to a new editor in 1.6.5, which is probably the cause of the changes. It's called RSyntaxTextArea

In Arduino IDE 1.6.5 Arduino used a modified version:

but as of Arduino IDE 1.8.2 they are using the upstream version found at the first link.

I'm sure there were some benefits of this change but the incredibly annoying thing for me is the automatic closing brackets "feature", which I'm constantly battling.

Thanks, that's probably the issue. Yes change can be hard to deal with. :slight_smile: