Updated Pachube / Ethernet Shield code

For any Pachube users, I've just updated the example sketches for connecting with Arduino + Ethernet shield (this is for sharing and requesting data sensor data from www.pachube.com; and for controlling Arduino remotely from a webpage), full info available in the tutorial: http://community.pachube.com/node/112.

Anyone using Arduino Ethernet with Pachube would benefit from the updated code, as long as you use Arduino 14 IDE, and not Arduino 15.

The two example sketches have the following improvements:

  • More stable HTTP header parsing (Pachube changed some of its headers which was throwing off some of the parsing).
  • Should no longer timeout when millis() wraps around
  • Added "User-Agent: Arduino" to the headers, so that in future Pachube will be able to identify what hardware is making the request

the tutorial is here: http://community.pachube.com/node/112.

and direct links to the downloads are: http://community.pachube.com/files/ethernet_Pachube_input_output_1_1.zip http://community.pachube.com/files/ethernet_Pachube_controller_1_1.zip

How do you determine the IDE version? At the top of the IDE I have it says "Arduino 0021" is that the right place to find it.

Also, I have after much searching found only old stuff on the net, some of it is two years old. I am very confused about what to use. The stuff on the Pachube site seems to be out of date also. That is probably why your posting has been hit 1100 times.

I am not trying to make this work for fun. My start-up company builds super new clean classrooms. And I am trying to prove to Mr. Money-bags, that internet based technology is the way to go. And that this Arduino-Pachube thing is the future.

I bought all new boards, both Arduino 368 and Ethernet. Now on to workable firmware, I hope.

Help Please, Larry