Updates on the Arduino Web Editor

The migration from create-staging.arduino.cc to create.arduino.cc is now complete! There is a redirect so everything should just work.

Today is Arduino Day! We are releasing the platform (but the Editor) publicly. Please check out Project Hub and the Arduino IoT manifesto. We are also releasing publicly the very early beta of Arduino Cloud, to start tinkering with your MKR1000.

Hi Arduino Create users,

Yesterday we updated our plugin, please let us know if it was not automatically updated to the latest (1.0.25-092da5b) or if you encounter any problem.

Sorry for the temporarily unavailability of the Web Editor this morning. We took a little bit longer than expected but now everything is back online! As reported in the email we sent you, here the main updates:

  • Each sketch you create on the Arduino Web Editor will have a unique URL, this is the first step to allow you to share sketches and access them online as you would do in Google Docs
  • We hugely improved the security of the Arduino Plugin, it can now only communicates with the Arduino Create page, no other site :)
  • We finally implemented the tab scaling! You can now display sketches with a lot of tabs and be able to access them all
  • A lot of small UX/UI improvements
  • We are working really hard to support Safari, we are almost done so keep tight

Since the update on the Arduino Plugin was pretty big, if for any reason it is not working try to:

  • Click on the Plugin tray icon, press Pause and then press Open again
  • You can also relaunch the Plugin as you would do with any application on your PC
  • Reinstall the Plugin from this link

Before you do so please open a bug reporting what is going wrong, the Plugin version you should see by clicking on the tray icon is 1.0.29.

Thanks as always for all your feedback!

We now support Safari!!!
Let us know if you encounter any bug on it by opening a thread.

Supporting IE is not as straight forward but we will definitely work on it.


More updates on our side!

We now support down to 700px, you can finally have something else on the side (in the meantime that we develop the split code screen).

We also fully support Chrome, Safari and Firefox.

You are awesome! My wish to edit on my iPad was granted within 3 days.

@mamu, there are still some bugs on iPad: you cannot close the Sketchbook panel for instance. If you find any please open a separate topic and list them all. Thanks!

@OOalis I will do. But to add my more advanced projects you will first have to fix the lib upload issue (like for u8glib)

@mamu, yes! It is on our radar, we will hopefully tackle it next week :)

Hi! We have some great news for Maker Faires San Mateo: You can import your Sketchbook via a .zip file! What’s more, sharing a sketch is now as easy as sharing a link. (See here for an example of how a public shared sketch looks like.)


@OOalis: am I the only one who is not seeing the link to the sample?

Sorry! Added now, to share a sketch click on the three dots by the Upload button and you will reach the Share modal (attached) :)


Also just uploaded to a Chinese CH340 MEGA so I guess you all been busy over there.

Well done to those involved This is awesome

My first experience was disappointing as I could not manage to open a sketch I have on my PC . It actually only imports the first tab but not all the other 20 tabs that where in the sketch.I gave up doing it manually. Robert

@arduinomastercomau: interesting, because I imported my zip-file based sketch with 9 parts. One ino, 4 .h, and 4 .cpp files. Worked perfect.

@arduinomastercomau sorry to hear that! Could you please share your zip with us?

July 11 release: Fixed Plugin discovery for slow connections Fixed section bug when displaying all files and folders in Sketchbook panel Fixed save bug with Autosave and Verify w/o saving option in Preferences Fixed void metadata for examples Fixed last sketch loading Fixed download on blank tab on Getting Started flow on Safari Various CSS fixes on Preview page

July 21 release: Fixed show examples for just imported library Fixed navigation for mobile landscape mode Fixed autoscroll disabled behavior in Serial Monitor Added 'copy link' and 'open preview' buttons to share popup Added donate button for users with more than 3 sketches Fixed homepage navigation link Sketch now saved all together and fixed file rename bug Search and filter libraries and examples refactoring Support for Pro and Pro Mini Updated tab style

10 August release: The Arduino Web Editor is now available to anyone with an Arduino ID, no need for an invite anymore :)

August 24 release: Fixed remote upload on Yun Fixed issue on AVRdude and Windows PCs Fixed plugin wrong paused behavior in OOBE on clean machine Removed logged in check and tip bubble on Getting Started flow Fixed fullscreen bug on side panels Fixed wrong Serial Monitor message on board unplugged Added 'What is Arduino Create' on create.arduino.cc that links to the blogpost (Create tile has also been added to arduino.cc) Forum is now linking to the specific Create board