updating to 1.6.6 using Ubuntu 14.04 - Help

This is unfamiliar to me and I’m not very confident.

I used the software finder in ubuntu but it downloads an old version, without the facility to install a serial port.

The question is how do I get the download installed ? its arduino-1.6.6-linux64.tar.xz

installed ?

Any thoughts very very welcome,

: )))


Ubuntu repositories are still using version 1.05 (by Debian) . Debian is expecting to have a stable 1.6.x version (one day maybe) to update its packets. if you use only boards with AVR 8 bit micros like UNO, MEGA, Leonardo, 1.0.5 version is still fully functional. Only Zero and Due board requires a 1.6.x release.

No install is needed. 1) Just unzip the file in your home directory. 2) Join the dialout group so you can access the /dev/ttyACMn serial ports. In a terminal enter, sudo adduser YourUserName dialout, and press enter. Log out and log in to effect the change. 3) Then open the Arduino folder in your file manager and double (or single) click the arduino file. If double (or single) clicking dosen't work for your system open a terminal and cd into the arduino folder and type ./arduino on the command line and press enter. Should be good to go.