So my boyfriend does all of this stuff (I'm kinda interested in it, but let's face it, it's complex) and I was trying to update his Arduino program that's on my laptop. I cant find how to do it anywhere... Can you help me?

Windows 10 Arduino Version 1.6.5 I think he has an Uno and two others (one is small, one is large)

And that's really all the information I have for you guys. Sorry I'm not super helpful. This isn't my area at all...

Thank you very much, hope you have all the info you need.

BTW: I found the download links but didn't know if that was how I updated it, or if there was some other way directly out of the program itself. I really don't want to mess anything up for him, jus trying to be helpful as I'm updating everything on my laptop.

The only way to "update" arduino is to download and install the newer version.