upgrade without environment

Hi All,
Once I have some boards out in the field is there some way to update my program on the board without having the Arduino environment? I’m sure that you guys must have a little script or app of some sort that can just update a board
I just have not been able to find it on this forum yet.
Jeff O’Brien

When you upload a program to the Arduino board, the Arduino environment uses another program called Avrdude.

First Arduino compiles your program to a HEX file, then Avrdude uploads that file to the Atmega processor.

You can use Avrdude standalone, but there’s half a million flags and parametres that is needed, these are normally taken care of bye the Arduino environment.

You can turn on “Verbose mode” in the Arduino environment to see how it calls Avrdude including all the parameters.

So to upgrade a board in the field, your compiled hexfile and a copy of Avrdude is needed.

Try to google the Arduino site for “Avrdude”