Upgrading, but to what?


I have a project that I've implemented on both a mini-pro and an UNO. The hardware and software is more or less the same in both versions.

I've come to the point where I'm running low on memory, the design uses about 90% of the 32k available and I get warnings whenever I compile.

I have some additional functionality I'd like to code which I know will push me above the 32k limit, so I think I'll be forced to upgrade the hardware, but the question is to what?

All I actually need is more memory from my arduino, not more functionality. Ideally I'd like a pin-pin replacement for the mini-pro with more than 32k memory, OR a pin-pin replacement for the UNO (again, with more memory), I don't want to upgrade to a mega because it's a bit too large (physically) for what I have in mind. Currently everything works at 5 volts, and I prefer to stick with this to avoid a major re-design.

What are my options? It seems that most of the arduino boards that are UNO-sized or smaller either come with 32k of memory (not enough) or operate at 3.3 volts - which would require a re-design of the rest of the board. Have I missed anything?


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Try the Bobuino. crossroadsfencing.com
ATMega 1284
32 I/O
128K flash
16K ram

Plus it has two serial ports.


More power with Bobuino2


I had everything typed out and pow-my computer froze :slight_smile:

Try the Bobuino.

Looks nice, looking for a uk supplier.



The Teensy 3.2 might be a good option if you need that Micro/Mini form factor. 32 bit, standard clock speed 72MHz, 8 times more memory, 12 bit ADC and a DAC pin.

If you manage to exceed that, then the Teensy 3.6 is available on Kickstarter right now. More like a Nano form factor but heaps more functionality.

All Arduino code runs on the Teensy, unless you've used AVR-specific features like direct port writes. With the higher clock speed of the Teensy, digitalWrite() works faster anyway.

This may be insulting your intelligence, but have you exhausted all the kinds of memory available?

OK - I'll buy them from him and add 25% margin - how many do you need?


Why a UK supplier?

last few deliveries I've had from the US have all been delayed (for weeks) by UK customs demanding forms and money!

This may be insulting your intelligence, but have you exhausted all the kinds of memory available?

No insult. I'm sure I could shave 5 or 10% here or there, but the new functionality I want to implement will likely occupy an additional 30-40% of memory, so an upgrade will still be required.

Many of my libraries are based around use on a mega, and most log lots of messages to an SD card, these messages are held in progmem. When I reuse these libraries on smaller hardware I start to run out of memory. I've re-written a couple of libraries to use pre-compiler directives to remove many of the messages, but this tends to get messy.

The Teensy 3.2 might be a good option

Thats it! completely forgot I bought one months ago for a project that never took off! Cheers