upgrading firmware


a quite simple and quick question:

Is it possible to upgrade the arduino firmware, and how can i check the current version on arduino?

i searched many different sites but couldn't really find an answer. I found some stuff about firmata but that doesn't look like the firmware from arduino itself.

The only firmware is the bootloader - is that what you mean?

yes then i mean the bootloader, is there a way to upgrade it and to check its current version or does it have no advantages to upgrade?

i think they are using the same one for almost 2 years... in case you want to upload you can get the needed files on arduino.cc and burn them with a hardware burner.

The "firmware" is just a bootloader. The real firmware is created by you. In fact you can even drop the bootloader completely and still use the libraries. Of course this would imply you need an ISP programmer though.