Upgrading from arduino 1.0 to 1.0.5 on ubuntu


My OS is Kubuntu 12.04. I've installed arduino (apt-get install arduino*) some months ago. Everything works fine. The installed version is 1.0 (usr/share/arduino/lib/version.txt and 'about arduino' both say so).

Now, I need to use Ethernet.Maintain(), which is not supported in 1.0, so I'm trying to upgrade to 1.0.5.

apt-get install arduino* tells me I've the latest available version. It seems 1.0.5 was not included in the (default?) repositories.

I've downloaded arduino-1.0.5-linux64.tgz from http://arduino.cc/en/Main/Software

How should I proceed to install it ?

I'm not an expert at all with linux, and am afraid to end up with neither 1.0 nor 1.0.5 working....

Thanks a lot for your help, Jerome

There is no installation required beyond unzipping the tarball in your home directory. Open a terminal and cd to the arduino-1.0.5 directory and type ./arduino, this should bring up the IDE. The Ubuntu package and the Arduino tarball will coexist without problems.