Upgrading the Keyboard library

The present Keyboard library doesn't allow you to send any of the multimedia or system control keys. The Adafruit HIDCombo library does allow these but is targeted at the Adafruit Trinket. It contains code for calibrating the oscillator, which wouldn't work on Leonado or Pro Micro, which is what I'm wanting to use, and furthermore, it's based on a different HID library.

I'm gradually getting my head around HID descriptors to the extent that I should soon be able to enhance the standard Keyboard library. Assuming I succeed, is there a way of feeding my code into the standard Arduino code base?

Regards - Philip

You would submit a pull request to the Arduino IDE code repository:
Please do a search first through the previous pull requests to see if anything like it was previously proposed and what the result was. Remove the "is:open" from the search query to search closed and merged pull requests as well as open ones.

If your change is merged please also take the time to submit an issue at:

with your suggested updates to the Keyboard library documentation. That step is frequently neglected but is so important for your change to benefit the entire Arduino community.