Upload a code upon opening the software

Hi, I would like to upload my code as soon as I open the Arduino IDE, is this possible?
I am using an arduino UNO, programmed by my raspberry pi 4, if it helps.

Why do you want to do this ?
Would it be acceptable to upload the code without using the IDE ?

I am trying to use geany to open the arduino IDE, but Geany can't upload the code. I was wondering if there was a command in arduino to make that happen.

Or is there a way to upload the code without using the IDE?

Can you use Geany as an external editor to the IDE if you enable the Use External Editor option in Preferences ?

Yes. Use avrdude, which is what the IDE uses anyway

I do not know how to save the preferences; could you please send me your whole screen, not just a little snapshot?

This is my screen

Post the whole of your Preferences screen
Are there any buttons on it ?

that is the whole of my preferences screen

no buttons

Here is what I see

ok, do you know how to make me be able to see the buttons?

What buttons ?

OK and Cancel


Sorry, no

My solution was to use python to send code along the serial port.
I found it in this article:

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