Upload a HEX file using the Bootloader

I have compile a code within Eclipse and WinAvr compiler, following this instructions:


Now, I suppose I need some avrdude hardware to upload the HEX to the ATMEGA

My question is, can I use the bootloader of andruino to do that?

not sure if its possible... but if you have avrdude.. why do you need a bootloader?

I haven't got avrdude... :-/

I would like to take advantage of bootloader

Even the Arduino environment uses avrdude to actually do the uploading. avrdude supports many different protocols. I use eclipse on a mac using an ISP programmer but you should be able to configure eclipse to use avrdude with the right protocol to use the bootloader. I have not done this but I think it should work.

Either way, you are using avrdude.


The bootloader doesn't actually upload the code from your computer to the arduino. Avrdude "pukes" the code from the computer to the arduino, but to allow for USB (serial) transfer over FTDI (a protocol) the bootloader is there so it can understand this FTDI protocol and write the hex to code memory on the arduino.

*this is oversimplified almost to the point of being wrong, but enough to get you going

Arduino IDE, let you compile and then "upload" the HEX to the microcontroller through the USB through the bootloader with (I think) a protocol and then a self-writing routine.

Arduino IDE Edit->Compile->link->HEX-(*)->Bootloader->AVR Flash

So I would like to edit/compile/link the HEX file within another IDE, and then follow same path from (*) for storing the HEX file to the microcontroller, it is, by the bootloader.

Eclipse IDE Edit->Compile->link->HEX-(*)->Bootloader->AVR Flash

Inside the Arduino IDE java source, there must be some part when the software takes the HEX file and send it to hardware, It means tells the bootloader to save it to flash, I would love to use that function!, or the Arduino IDE to have this as a menu function.

That's my question :-/, thanks for any help :o