upload "blink" to standalone 328p-au chip

Hei, i get a atmega 328p-AU chip, on a simple breakout board.
i finally managed to use my arduino uno to upload the bootloader on it.
success!! =)

but i how can i use the uno to upload programs?
never done this before, i find some help for the 328p but not the AU chip.

edit: changed nano to uno

The only difference between the ATmega328p-PU and ATmega328p-AU is that the PU is in 28-pin DIP package, and the AU is in TQFP-32 SMT package - so the only thing that changes is which pinout chart you look at. Google image search for atmega328p arduino pinout will give tons of results, some showing the pin mapping for the bare chips.

Or look at the Atmel datasheet:

On the Uno, connect Reset to Gnd on the power header.
Connect D0 & D1 to the appropriate pins on the SMD chip.
When you start the download in the IDE, press reset on the SMD board when the IDE shows "compiled xxx of 32xxx bytes".
Can be easier to get the timing of that with File:Preferences and Verbose outputs checked.

ive been trying to whole day to get the uno to upload a program to the 328p-AU useing the uno.

with no success =(

first, can someone confirm pin for me.
on the atmega 328p-AU
3 = gnd
4 = vcc(5v)
5 = gnd
6 = vcc(5v)
7 = 16mhz crystal and 22pf
8 = 16mhz crystal and 22pF
21 = gnd
30 RX = 0 TX to the uno
31 TX = 1 RX to the uno
29 = reset 10k ohm to gnd and reset on uno board.

i get errors:
avrdude: stk500_recv(): programmer is not responding
avrdude: stk500_getsync() attempt 9 of 10: not in sync:

the uno is cabable to program the atmega 328p-AU chip?
so i can get the 2 extra A pins.

i did not fully understand what u ment.

ive been trying to whole day to get the uno to upload a program to the 328p-AU useing the uno.
with no success =(

Yes, you can.
Refer to: http://www.instructables.com/id/Uploading-sketches-to-Pro-Mini-using-Arduino-UNO-b/

There are some assumptions, however:

  • Correct bootloader (8MHz for RC fuse settings) / (16MHz for xtal + fuses)
  • Proper wiring
  • Proper power
  • Correctly resetting manually at download time (may take several trials)

Make sureyour Mini is actually running: see this: http://www.hackster.io/rayburne/listen-to-your-arduino-a8fd02


This is the way I connected the pin from Arduino to 328 to program it http://www.lydiard.plus.com/chapter9.htm

Edit: This works for 328p but not sure about 328 au.