Upload data to web interface

Hi all, I thought I should share this link to anyone interested. It's a generic and simple site for uploading data (HTTP). It's developed for my own benefit at first, to assist me in other projects. But I felt that it might be useful for others so I added some help pages and other stuff.


Some features: - Auto updated info (ajax) - Line and bar-charts with realtime capability (auto update). - Statistical tools like avarage, max, min etc. - Up to 40 parameters per unit.

Feel free to use as guest and drop me an email for q&a or to become a member (free).

Be nice, it's a beta version ;)


This looks awesome! Did you write the AJAX and php your self? Id like to use this for my wind generator and broadband speed, SNR

Glad you find use for the site Tim. I have wrote everything but the Flash charts myself. The charts is bought from http://www.fusioncharts.com/

Feel free to use and please tell me if you need assistance or new features! Nice that you also going to use it for wind generator measurement :)

The origional link appears to require a login/password to enter.

User and password for test are guest/guest Also noted at the start page ;)