Upload error

Hello, I bought a brand new Arduino board Duemilanove. At the first time I tried to upload the blink example , I get this error message:

avrdude: stk500_getsync (): not in sync: resp = 0x00 avrdude: stk500_disable (): protocol error, expect = 0x14, resp = 0x51

I searched a week some solutions on the net but no one work. But I have checked the COM (COM4 in my case), so I checked the card, the driver, the firewall, the USB, the Arduino software. I tried everything that I find. I noticed that a lot of people had this error message but everyone solve it whit a different way.. I also noticed that the RX LED flash in the upload but not the TX LED. I check the bootloader, by reset the board. The built-in L LED (which is connected to pin 13) should blink. But it doesn't work, so I think the board doesn't have bootloader. I would like to know how to burn a bootloader on my board and I also want to know if you have other solution to suggest?

Thank you in advance

Did you try a different USB cable and USB port to make sure those weren’t the problem?

One thing that MIGHT help is to keep the Arduino in Reset until upload time:

Unplug the USB cable. This will clear any buffers i the USB driver.
Hold down the Reset button of the Arduino.
Plug in the USB cable. (Keep holding the Reset button!)
Click on the Upload button for the Blink sketch.
When you see the “Binary sketch size” message in the IDE: RELEASE THE RESET BUTTON.

If that doesn’t work you probably have bad hardware or a missing bootloader (these things happen).

Yes, I try whit a different cable but it's the same problem. I tried your way, but his did not work too. Do you know how to burn a bootloader?

sebomancien: Do you know how to burn a bootloader?

Yes, but you need a hardware ICSP (In-Circuit Serial Programmer) to burn the bootloader. If you had a working Arduino you could use that. If you have a PC with a parallel (printer) port the least expensive solution is to build a Parallel Port Programmer:



I have this exact same problem too but for me johnwasser´s solution actually works. At least the three times in a row I've tried it. However, it's inconvenient in the long run =). What should I do? It feels like a timing issue and I'm currently using my Uno with Mac OsX and will soon switch to a debian install. Is there any possibility the problem will solve itself with another OS?

Best regards, Chris

Okay thank you for your help, I'm gonna try to burn a bootloader.