Upload Fail

Hi. I have an Arduino UNO, and I'm having a giant problem with uploading.

I was having no problem uploading until about ten minutes ago, and suddenly, well, it started not uploading, so the last program is still running. I don't understand why, so I was hoping you guys could give me some pointers. ...Oh, and I'm using most of the digital pins and using a Raspberry Pi (which runs on linux ARM, i guess...I'm not so good with electronics) to program.

by the way, the error says "broken pipe"

Clearly that not all it says but you should copy and paste the complete error/s and insert them inside code tags please ( </> )

Might I suggest you also read the posts at the top of the forum and add any much needed details such as the actual OS and the IDE version etc.


Sorry. It started going normally about 30 minutes later. Are there bugs that only sometimes interfere with arduino?

No known real bad or intermittent bugs. But the release for the Pi can be a bit flakey especially if you just got it from the default repo rather than downloading a know good but up to date copy of the IDE.

A few posts about the topic if you use the search option.