upload fails; IDE issues invalid AVRDUDE -PCOMx parameter

Hi folks,
All my upload fails because the IDU issues AVRDUDE com-port parameter with an invalid prefix \.
See the display screen capture(see attachment)

How can I avaoid that the IDE inserts that \.\ prefix in front of the selected COM-port???

BTW, retyping the complete command without the mentioned prefix and then submit it, solves the problem
Copy and paste doesnot work from IDE to Dos-prompt

Thanks for your help

ScreenHunter_001.bmp (1.07 MB)

In the other topic you created, I offered a suggestion. Did you try what I suggested? What was the outcome?

Try changing the assigned port using Device Manager.

Edit: Moderator screwed up. My sincerest apologies. I accidentally deleted your post instead of replying.

Hi folks,

In the meantime I have found what caused the leading //./ before the COMx of the ARVDUDE parameter.

I have reinstalled the IDE, and one by one I have added the libraries which I need.

All went ok, until I have added the DUINOS - library, and replacing the board.txt and keywords.txt as it has been suggested by the installation.

Removing the DUINOS installation resolves my problem.

Thanks for all the supports Regards, Fred