Upload information to the arduino from the sigfox


I am a newbee. I have started sending some info from the arduino to the sigfox(uplink).

Now I would like to do the opposite. From the internet send a command to the Arduino(downlink). I have look for some information, but i haven't find anything. :confused: :confused: :confused:

Could you please post here in the forum some information or an example?

Many thanks,


Hello Marc,

For the arduino sketch, you can look at the FirstConfiguration example (SigFox/examples/FirstConfiguration at master ยท arduino-libraries/SigFox ยท GitHub):

The downlink is triggered by setting the endPacket() method to true, then use SigFox.read() to retrieve received bytes:

int ret = SigFox.endPacket(true);ย  // send buffer to SIGFOX network and wait for a response
if (SigFox.parsePacket()) {
ย  ย  Serial.println("Response from server:");
ย  ย  while (SigFox.available()) {
ย  ย  ย  Serial.print("0x");
ย  ย  ย  Serial.println(SigFox.read(), HEX);
ย  ย  }

If you need information on how to configure the downlink on sigfox backend, you can refer to this guide: