Upload local .INO to Cloud Sketchbook

I read the two different guides on using Cloud Sketchbook, but neither seem to mention a way to upload a sketch to the cloud directly from IDE 2.0.

I believe the function hasn't been implemented yet and I was thinking that it could simply be an upload icon on each of the items in the Sketchbook->Local Sketchbook tab.

Is this something you'd consider adding, please? It would certainly make for a good workflow.

All the best,

Thanks for your suggestion @daxliniere!

You are correct that this capability is not currently available. There is a note about that in the tutorial:

The Remote Sketchbook integration with IDE 2.0 does not yet support pushing your local Sketches to the cloud. The Sketch needs to have been originally created in the Arduino Cloud platform.

No worries.

Seems like a pretty easy thing to implement, right? A standard open dialogbox, an internal function that reads the contents of the selected .INO file and adds it to a blank cloud-based sketch, using the same name as the selected file?

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