Upload Multiple *.INO files to Arduino Uno

I am working on Arduino project but i am confused that can we upload multiples related *.ino files
to Arduino Uno. If possible can anybody explain me how to upload multiple related *.ino files to Arduino Uno

I believe you will have to combine the source code and make a single compileable executable file.

Unless you can write some special link editor.

See THIS: about combining sketches..

On windows (at least) you can simply drag the file icons into the folder of an existing sketch. A tab appears in the Arduino Development Panel for each file when you open the sketch.

An Arduino program can be contained in several .ino files - all in the same directory as the principal .ino file

The Arduino IDE will automatically combine them. It reads the principal file first and then reads the others in alphabetical order.

By "principal file" I mean the .ino file with the same name as the directory it is in.

However you cannot load more than one separate program onto an Arduino. If you need the apparent functionality of different programs then you need to treat each part as separate function within a single program.

Planning and Implementing a Program

If this is to save memory (see arun645's other thread), it will not help you.

The reason to organise a project in multiple ino's (or .h/.cpp files) is to keep it tidy / organised; one file per main functionality.