Upload of Blink Sketch Seems to Work, but On Board LED Does Not Blink

Hi, I have the official starter kit from Arduino. It contains the Arduino Uno Rev. 3 with the ATMEGA328. I followed the directions exactly for downloading the Arduino IDE and drivers in Windows 7 (64-bit). Using the Blink sketch from the Examples tab, I upload the sketch, the Tx and Rx LEDs on the board blink once towards the end, the IDE says upload successful and gives no error codes, but the LED will not blink.

I have tried using Windows XP and also using a different USB cord. This question is asked in the FAQ section, but the advice it gives (to change the microcontroller) will not work (no option is given to change the microcontroller in the menus, just the board.) I have also tried changing the board in the menu to the Duemilanove, as this has the ATMEGA328, but this does not work either.

I have searched for several hours online and cannot find help. Any advice you can give is much appreciated!

Put a R of a couple of hundreds ohms and LED from output 13 to ground. This puts another LED in parallel with the onboard LED.

If still no good, copy the results you get when you download so we can see what you get from the compiler.


Thank you for your quick response! The LED I put in parallel does flash, as you suggested. When I change the sketch to change the delay, it works as well. So it seems the board is receiving instructions. However, the onboard LED never changes. Maybe not a problem? Thanks again.