Upload Program to Ardweeny using Arduino

Can I just plug my assembled Ardweeny into the DIP on my Arduino board, and upload sketches to it? E.g. per http://www.instructables.com/id/program-a-ardweeny-using-a-duemilinove-no-more-f

With the ardweeny installed into the arduino board the existing Blink seems to be running. But when I try to upload sketch I see RX led flash a few times, then back to the Blinky sketch, and I get stk500_getsync() resp 0x00 on the IDE.

I have tried pushing the reset button just before and just after hitting the 'Upload Sketch' button.

Any suggestions?

Thanks! John


Nope, same results :frowning:


So you're saying, it should work.. ?

I was a bit skeptical that the ardweeny backpack components (resonator, etc) wouldn't interfere with the same components on the Uno board?

Thanks, John


I changed board type from Uno to Duemilanova/Nano and it works. What is the difference/distinction? They are both 328 chips.

(I don't have to push reset button BTW).

Thanks! John


Ok, thanks for the help!!