upload sketch arduino nano Win 10 fails

Hallo and good evening,

there is aktually a great problem for me to upload a sketch on an Arduino Nano (Win 10, IDE 1.8.5). The upload messages always "programmer is not responding". It's the same even I use a brand new Nano.

Uploading Sketches on an Arduino is working pretty fine.

Same when I try to upload sketches onto the Nano from my Raspberry Pi.

So what's the failure on Windows

thank you so much wupperpi

Do you have the option 'old bootloader' under tools -> processor?

If yes, select that option for clones and pre-2018 Nanos.

If not and you have a 2018 model original Nano, you'll have to upgrade the boards manager (not the IDE) to version 1.6.21 (and select the 328P option).

thank you so much. It is working now.

(I've seen this Option before and I supposed, that I tried it. But in my confusion I was obviously wrong)