Upload sketch hex on android

Hi to all, i'm new of arduino :slight_smile:

My first problem is to upload the compiled sketch on arduino via tablet android. For windows i use avrdude but its hard to install same component to android step by step. There is an apk that simple install it ?
Or another apk that help me for that ?
Note : i must use it by inline command too because i make an app and i must run it by my application.

Thank you in advance for your interest !


Are you trying to load an Arduino executable on your Android tablet ? If so, what are you going to do with it there ?

Arduino droid you mean ? can you give me a link to have this ?

Arduino droid you mean ? can you give me a link to have this ?

It is you that wants to upload an Arduino hex file to Arduino. What are you hoping to do with it ?

I need a way to upload a .hex file to arduino on android. I'm programming in delphi... There is an app that can install AVRDude on android ?

I'm looking for components to communicate with arduino Leonardo (ATMega32U4), ATMega2560, ATMega328P etc.. for delphi language. I tryed Comport from WinSoft but it's unstable when open and close port.

Can you help me ?

Guido Cavalera

I'm programming in delphi

I assume that is being done on the tablet

Is the hex file an Arduino sketch in hex format ?
If not then what is it ?

I don't use Windows or Delphi.

I do my PC programming with Python and there is a PySerial library (which works on Linux and Windows) that is used to communicate with an Arduino over a virtual serial port.

I presume there is an equivalent library for Delphi but you need to ask about that on a Forum for Delphi programming.

Of course it is possible that you already have the appropriate Delphi library but are not using it properly - we can't know that without seeing your programs.

This Simple Python - Arduino demo may give you some ideas.


Sorry i forget to specify that i must use it on android ! its important

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