upload sketch thought bluetooth, whit Arduino nano 33 hot don't work

hi, I use to upload sketch, in Arduino nano 33 tot, a Mac book pro late 11… whit os high Sierra 10.13.6
i no have a problem to upload sketch via usb… but I have a problem only when i want upload via bluetooth… frost, obviously, I select the por how I want use… and the port witch I select (the only bluetooth port I see) is “dev/cu.Bluetooth-Incoming-Port”

As far as I know uploading a sketch trough Bluetooth is not supported.

really? :confused:
i find “bluetooth-incoming-port”

That is probably a virtual serial port created by another device that is connected via Bluetooth. Could be your phone for instance. Just unplug your Arduino Nano 33 IoT from power and see if the serial port is still there.

The Arduino IDE will just show you any serial port it can find. You usually do not see a lot of them anymore because they have been replaced by other buses. So its not an issue for the IDE to show you all of them even if they would never work.

Uploading a sketch over BLE, especially for development, is actually a lot harder than one would think. Therefore I doubt this will be implemented any time soon by the Arduino team. There might be some creative guys out there, that will do it for the fun of it.

aww … ok thank you … yes surely quaòche ​​bluetooth device revealed by my mac apart from the phone. it is a pity that you cannot upload sketches remotely…for example if you would like to facilitate the work of connecting and disconnecting the usb connection via pc to your hardwere project …
so then, what would be a bluetooth card implemented on arduino? Will it be possible to communicate with other Arduino boards?

so then, what would be a bluetooth card implemented on arduino? Will it be possible to communicate with other Arduino boards?

Yes, you can connect two or more Arduinos together or you can connect your Arduino to a mobile phone, tablet or PC/Mac. There are many possibilities. The focus for Bluetooth LE was low energy, so you could build sensors that work on small coin cells for month or even years.

There are two categories of nodes, server (usually for BLE these are the power limited devices e.g. the sensor) and clients (the usually have more power and capabilities e.g. your smartphone). The Arduino Nano 33 IoT and BLE can be both.

Regarding uploading sketches, you would need a lot of memory and could only use half of your flash memory, because you would need to download the entire sketch while Bluetooth is working. Once this is done you would need to verify the image and flash the Arduino. If anything goes wrong you would need to connect via USB and fix the issue. So, update over the air will only be used for finished products in the field. Then you would need to encrypt the file and sign it, so nobody breaks the customers device by manipulating the firmware or sends the wrong software to the product. On the tools side you would need create this special "package" so it can be deployed via a smartphone app or so.
As you can see there are many issues and that is only half the story.

There are examples for the board if you installed the ArduinoBLE library. Go to File -> Examples -> ArduinoBLE

thank you very much you have been very exhaustive in the explanation and also very detailed ... well I hope at least that I will be able to connect my 33 iot with a new BLE that I will later buy and so I can make my project real ...

I am using Arduino OTA, that is updating sketch via WiFi, works really well!
here's a GITHUB link