Upload sketch without reset button

Hello, I try to upload sketch on Arduino pro mini with usb-ttl hw-728 ch340, it's upload ok, if I press reset button on event 'uploading' in IDE
But it's need to upload without press button, then I connect dtr pin hw-728 to rst pin arduino but nothing happen, sketch not uploading.
Can anyone help, how to do it correct? Thanks!

Does your USB to serial converter (CH340) have a DTR output? If so, connect the DTR output from the USB to serial converter to the reset pin on the Pro Mini through a 0.1uF capacitor.

auto reset

You should be able to upload without pushing the reset button.

yes, it have dtr. i connect it to rst arduino, but without capacitor

Then it won't work. You need the cap so the reset is pulsed low to cause a reset then goes back high to enable upload. Without the cap the chip is held in reset (low) so cannot upload.

Thanks! is it non-polar capacitor?

A 0.1uF ceramic capacitor is non-polar, yes.

Cool! Thanks! Now it uploading fine! :love_you_gesture:

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