Upload sketches through ArduinoISP - no go?

This is odd. I have an Uno configured as an ArduinoISP. From there, I have a breadboard 328P connected with proper wire connections. I can burn a bootloader just fine. However, as soon as I try to download a sketch, it fails with not in sync errors. Here's the fun part, I can wire the breadboard 328P for an FTDI, and I can download sketches through that just fine.

Now, I've done the whole ArduinoISP before, but with an AtTiny 84, and it worked flawlessly. First burn a bootloader, then download sketches to it, no issues what so ever. This is the first time I've tried using a 328P to do the same and it won't work.

So, I'm sure it's something stupid, something I'm overlooking. Of course, it also doesn't help that I'm sicker than sick with a 101.8 fever right now. But I figured, if I can wire things up without smoke rising from either the breadboard, or the Uno, I must be well enough. grin

(heading back to bed now)

One of the possible entries in boards.txt for each board is "upload.using". Most boards use the default in preferences.txt: "upload.using=bootloader", Your ATmega85 entry in boards.txt probably had a entry for "upload.using=Arduino as ISP". If you create a custom board specification that includes that line you should be able to upload sketches through the ArduinoISP connection.

D'oph! Right you are. Didn't even think to look at that. Thanks!