Upload terribly slow.


My new Arduino Due arrived. I uploaded the code which worked before on the Arduino Mega to the Duo. The code still works, but the upload takes 40 seconds. Is that normal, or is there any way to make it faster?



I believe that it is the norm. I'm experiencing similar upload times. The new thing about the Due vs the Uno or the Mega is that it needs to "flash" the memory, and writing and verifying the pages seems to be the bottleneck.

I've tried to disable the "verify code after upload" in the preferences however it does not seem to work as code is still verified.

That's actually pretty sad. Increasing memory size and maintaining transfer speed is never going to work...
My sketch is 13 KB on my Arduino Mega and 80 KB on my Due, so I guess every medium sized sketch will take half a minute to upload.

If anyone has an idea, please post it here :slight_smile:

If anyone has an idea, please post it here

Sure, put the Due in the closet and continue to use your mega board until the Due platform has matured. Those on the bleeding edge are bound to have finger cuts. :smiley:


Try using the native USB port. I can upload sketches of various sizes in about 4 seconds to the Due.