upload to Exosite

I'm trying to send data from the Arduino. The main program reads values ??to these variables and subroutine is sent to Exosite.

// prom?nné
float speedwind = 0; // rychlost v?tru (m/s)
float vitr = 0; // rychlost v?tru km/h
float INtemp; // vnit?ní teplota
int INhum; // vnit?ní vlhkost
float OUTtemp; // venkovní teplota
int OUThum; // venkovní vlhkost
long tlak; // tlak vzduchu

I need help with the sending subprogram.


and subroutine is sent to Exosite.

You can’t send a subroutine to Exosite. You send DATA.

I need help with the sending subprogram.

What do you have so far? What does it actually do?

I know that the data is sent.
I need to write a subroutine that sends data from the given variables to exosite.

PS: Translates to google, I do not speak English;)


Just FYI, we've got an official library for Arduino: GitHub - exosite-garage/arduino_exosite_library: Arduino library for Exosite IoT Platform See the examples folder for how to use it with several different network interfaces.

Let me know if you run into any trouble getting it up an running.

--Patrick (Engineer @ Exosite)

So I finally do it myself .....

Lookin' good!

That's actually surprisingly similar to one that I threw together for a weather station myself: Legacy Development Kits