Upload to Nano without USB

Hey all, pretty new to this whole thing so please bear with me.

I am working on an Arduino project with a nano and yesterday evening I accidentally dropped the chip and the mini USB port completely broke off. At this point soldering has been unsuccessful but the arduino still runs the software that was on it. It seems I should be able to upload to the arduino from my computer going straight into power/ground/RX/TX/something else? but I am skeptical of just diving in and trying it. I haven't found anything within any of the arduino resources that explicitly state how to do this or if I even can so could one of you point me in the right direction? Thanks!

Well you have to make certain that any conducting traces didn't also break open and need repairing. As far as making alternate soldering connection, here is a link to the schematic drawing for the Nano. If that doesn't answer your questions or if you have no soldering experiance you best look for local talent to try and repair it for you.



Well, that is a step in the right direction! Thanks. One more (related) question: I can also just use the ICSP, right? Is there any real difference to this as opposed to the USB? Are there any other considerations I need to take into account when uploading? Thanks again.

I can also just use the ICSP

If you own or purchace a ISP hardware programmer.