Upload Using Programmer (AVRISPMKII) erases EEPROM everytime

Is there a setting I'm missing somewhere that allows me to program the arduino using the avrispmkii without erasing the EEPROM everytime? I thought it was just due to the EESAVE bit not being set in the high fuse but I set that bit in the boards file, restarted the arduino ide (1.5.4) and it is still erasing the EEPROM.

I'm using the ATMEGA328P chip at 3.3V, 8MHz with the following fuses: Low 0xEF High 0xD7 Extended 0x05

so, doing a verify: avrdude -v -pATMEGA328p -c avrispmkii -Pusb

I see it did not write the fuse bits because they are as they originally were when last I burned the bootloader: FF DA 05.

So, I manually set them but is there a setting to have the "upload from programmer" do this automatically?