upload via bluetooth


does somebody know, how to upload program into AVR via bluetooth?
I have BT module BTM-112 and ATmega644P.

SOmeone asked the same question here - http://arduino.cc/forum/index.php/topic,91444.0.html - maybe work together?

No, it's me... I was not sure in which sub-forum belongs my question, so I placed it to "Networking, Protocols and Devices" and "Programing Question".

It would depend how skilled you were (electronics & code modification) and how much work you wanted to do.

You would need: A. First thing is that you would need to ensure the bluetooth was pre-configured. B. Decide how to tap the bluetooth into the system.

Two possible ways:

  1. Re-write the boot-loader to allow a blue tooth upload, it should not be too difficult.
  2. Fiddle about with the interface between the USB & the main processor, bringing in the blue tooth connection there.

I don't think it is possible once the boot-loader has exited, so I would not be possible to write a secondary script that sits in the Arduino then reloads the system.


I am rookie... The bluetooth module is configured at Baud rate: 19200 bps, Data bit: 8, Parity: none, Stop bit: 1 and it is connected normally through Tx/Rx. It works fine, just a bootloader makes me trouble. I guess problem is with baudrate, but I dont know how to set up bootloader according this.