Uploadduino !

i just wanted to use a arduino to upload sketcher on another arduino is it possible ? If .. the i want to make something like this atmega328+sdcard+lcd = carry all sketches and upload anyitme without having to use a pc ?

There is not much point in doing this. If all the sketches you want will fit on a 328 and you want to upload them then why not combine all these sketches in one large sketch and select which section runs from some input switches.

I actually had this idea (and mentioned it on the forum a few times) where you would have:

Some kind of microcontroller (probably arduino) which would have an LCD, and SD card, some kind of selection device (probably a rotary encoder with push button) and a battery.

Then it could be used as some kind of field programmer. Got an arduino stuck up a pole... take your box up the pole, pick the program specific to the device up the pole, plug it in and voila, it gets programmed.

Then you could have hundreds of arduino sketches (not sure why you'd want that many) stored on the SD card which could be uploaded at will to an arduino.

The storing the hex and loading it to an arduino is not too hard (it was done with a modified bootloader and a uMMC data storage module from Rogue Robotics), the problem arises when you want to transfer the hex code to an unmodified arduino (presumably through serial) which requires all of the handshaking protocols etc programmed into the 'programmer board'.

Needless to say, I have no doubt someone with a better knowledge of how to program an arduino could probably do it. Hell I bet rogueb (from Rogue Robotics) would even have a go at it if he wasn't so busy!

Lemme know if you get anything sorted! ;D


i wanted to doo this as i dont have a laptop and i dont think ill find even a pc to the place where i want to go >:(