Uploading a large sketch stops

I have chinese clone of arduino nano 328 with new bootloader (baud 115200). It works good on almost at all small sketchs, like sos LED blinking.

I have a problem during uploading the big sketch GRBL master for laser engraving machine size .HEX 83KB (about 95% of memory flash). It starts uploading, reaches about 80% and stops: programmer not responding.
I even tried change bootloader from new to old - unsuccessfully, my board accept only new bootloader.

Maybe someone solved such a problem?

Could you please post the whole error code ?

There is probability of fake FTDI chip which have problem to handle with serial speed error. Fortunately, there is a good chance it will work with the bootloader for 57600 baud - "Old Bootloader", but you have upload it via ISP.
NOTE: This is not only about "change bootloader from new to old" in board menu. You have to upload the bootloader first. Your current bootloader is for 115200 baud only.
ISP programmer or another Arduino will be needed.