Uploading a sketch to an nrf52832 module with ST-Link-V2


I've been fighting with my st-link-V2 for quite sometime trying to upload a sketch from arduino sandeep's framework to an nrf52832 module and when I connected the st link to the PC and it does show up in the device manager but not in COM port so when I upload a sketch It gives me errors probably related to it.

jaylink: Failed to open device: LIBUSB_ERROR_NOT_FOUND.
jaylink: Failed to open device: LIBUSB_ERROR_NOT_SUPPORTED.
Info : No device selected, using first device.
Error: No J-Link device found.
Error: No Valid JTAG Interface Configured.

How do you fix it and make the ST LINK appear at COM port instead of USB devices?

Arduino upload doesn't manage to work with the nrf52 DK as well(it's COM port does show up and electable)

Any ideas to what could that be?

this programmers don't work as COM port. you have to use them as programmers selected in Tools menu and use Upload with programmer. you have to select the right programmer.
there are some rumors that the ST-Link V2 works only with the STM MCUs.

Yeah but when I try to upload a sketch with either the J Link or DK it says this error along with

"Info : No device selected, using first device.
Error: No J-Link device found."

and what programmer did you select? what board did you select? does it have a configuration for the programmer?

I attempted the upload over ST-Link2 to SAMD some time ago, and it required some changes in openocd configuration. It didn't work, but the with other programmer similar changes where necessary in /variants/arduino_mzero/openocd_scripts

Well as I recall everything was set correctly when used st link v2 the appropriate programmer was choosen as well as for the j link and J-link was also selected when direct programming to the nrf52 DK was used which also didn't work despite the COM showing up it still comes up with the error message saying

"Error: No Valid JTAG Interface Configured."

and what do you have set?