Uploading Arduino data without Internet

Hello everyone:

I have just begun with Arduino and I have made my first Arduino project ever: a small circuit to measure the temperature and humidity of a room with the Arduino, and now I would like to create some kind of graphs to see the evolution of the temperature/humidity (with any JavaScript or PHP library) and to use some more services (tweeting the data, uploading the data to pachube, etc).

The thing is that my XPort is not working (or I can’t get it working) so I need to do all this without XPort, just connecting the Arduino to my laptop (which is connect to internet by WiFi).

Would it be possible?

Thanks a lot everyone in advance :slight_smile:

Very possible. The Arduino can send serial data. The PC can read the serial data.

Look at the Processing application:


The Processing application and the Arduino IDE share many similarities. The programming language is similar, too. Both are C based.

Processing can draw the graphs you want.

PHP has capabilities to read from the serial port, too, and is ideally suited for uploading the data to a web server.

Well thanks a lot PaulS!

Right now I am working with Processing so it would be a good a idea to work with it.

Is there any library or tutorial where I can begin with it on order to learn how to start with what I want to create? Right now I am running out of time with this project and the internet is huge to start looking from the beginning!

Thanks a lot! Cheers!

You can also do some of it with GoBetwino.


Soon you will also be able to tweet from GoBetwino and upload files.

Hehe well, I could never run my XPort -I'm kind of ashamed because of it- so it'd be a really nice thing if I could get it working!

You could send me your Xport. If I got it working, though, I might have lost your address and wouldn't be able to return it.

Well I certainly could do that...but I could also try to fix it by myself (with someone else's help of course) :)

The Processing application and the Arduino IDE share many similarities. The programming language is similar, too. Both are C based.

Although similar, Processing is Java-based, while Arduino is C++.

I am connecting a SHT15 temperature/humidity sensor to the Digital pin 10 -as the data sheet says- and with the Serial Monitor I get the correct values. Nevertheless, when I use Processing to get the values -using Firmata- all I can get is either 0 or 1 value.

Do you guys know how can I fix this? I already tried to connect the sensor to an analog pin, but it's not working.

I read that there is a bug in the distributed version of Firmata with Arduino 0017. You might check this thread: http://www.arduino.cc/cgi-bin/yabb2/YaBB.pl?num=1252791964.

I tried -don't know if I did it correctly- but it's not working either...I'm starting to feel very frustrated

You can always have the Arduino check the sensors, and use Serial.print to send information to the Processing program, in a push mode, rather than responding in a pull mode using Firmata.

Yes, I was going to suggest avoiding Firmata. This moves the burden of the serial control to your Processing app, but there is a Serial library (similar to the Arduino one) available there: http://processing.org/reference/libraries/serial/

Yeah, that's what I'm trying now! The thing is that I want to transmit a temperature, and I get either random values or 255, which I think is a problem of transmitting int instead of float, and what I'm working now on..

I give up: I can't upload data to Pachube -with Pachuino- without the Firmata -it's nor working, and I tried very hard. So the point now is getting the XPort to work

I connected it and I can ping it from my own network -which means it has an IP- but I still cannot post to twitter, all the time connection failed or timeout!

How can it be?

can you show the code you use to connect to twitter ?

Well, I have tried many of the sketches I've found on internet.

For example this one: