Uploading code and running without computer

Hello people of forums! I am decently new to arduino and working on my first robot walker. Since it will be a walker i want it to walk freely in my house without a computer connection. I have searched for a long time and i couldn't find a reliable answer. I am using an arduino uno/genuino r3 and want to know a way. If there is no digital way such as an option i would like to know if there are any components such as an arduino compatible USB that keeps the code. If there is such device please let me know!

You ( or I )might be a little confused here. If you upload a sketch to an Arduino it remembers it .
The computer is just then used as a power source . If you can power the Arduino and your robot servos from battery then it will run without the computer bro h connected

Thanks. I connected to a 9 volt but it is not working. What is the required voltage?

Where did you connect the 9V battery to?

You need a power supply man enough for the job - I expect you have one of those Small smoke alarm type batteries which just won’t cut it , wherever it’s connected !

Thanks. I connected to a 9 volt but it is not working. What is the required voltage?

Oh really, this story yet again! :astonished:

The required voltage is 5 V, connected via the “5V” pin or if more convenient, the USB connector. That should be a regulated 5 V though batteries would be OK as long as they do not exceed 5.8 V - including while they are being charged.

If powering from a higher voltage with batteries, you do not want to waste power, so you need to use a switchmode “buck” converter for efficiency to proved the regulated 5 V.

A minimum 9 V battery would be a carrier for six “AA” alkaline batteries, certainly not a “PP3”.