uploading code to arduino uno to use without arduino

Hi there! I have bought this chip : http://www.dipmicro.com/store/CPU-ARD328P But i tried to remove it from the board and uploading the sketch onto this chip then i tried to hook up without arduino uno board, and it doesnt seems to work.. Can you explain me how to upload a sketch to this arduino : http://www.dipmicro.com/store/CPU-ARD328P ?

thank you very much! have a great evening! marC:)

I believe you are saying that you put the chip in the arduino, uploaded the code, then took it out of the arduino and it did not work. If that is the case then you are simply missing a couple of components that are necessary for the chip to work on its own. (Notice on the page you linked that some of the photos show it set up on a breadboard. You need those other parts too.)


The first three steps, plus whatever wiring your project needs, will get your running as long as you upload the code to the chip first.


I have all the components connected to my stand-alone atmega 380 but it doesn't upload any sketches using a USB to RS323 converter, I connected my TX and RX to it, do I have to do anything else? thanks.

Where you get this "atmega 380"? do it come with bootloader?


itcomes with arduino uno bootloaded, but Im having problems uploading the scripts.

Not sure but you may have the TX and RX lines swapped, swap them and give it a shot. Another thing is that you might have to power cycle or reset the chip right before uploading the program to put the boot loader into the programming mode.

OK I'VE GOT IT, I didn't read it at first but with this converter you have to connect its DTR pin to the reset button of the AtMega with a coupling capacitor, this way it resets right before being programmed, another thing that I had wrong is the programer selected in Arduino GUI, it has to be usb. Thanks