uploading code


How can I copy code in the codebox on ubuntu 10.10, The IDE tells me that the code is copied to the clipboard, Is there a clipboard in gnome??

Greetings Chris


codebox?... Clipboard in gnome? same as in windows.. no way to access it directly, but cntrl+v will paste it in a select text area / box.

Hi Imahilus,

If you want to post code on the forum, you use this box isn't it

If i want to copy code in that, the "paste" function is grayed out

gegroet, Chris

Oooohhh, that codebox! I write in my post: [ code]control+v your code here[ /code] These two tags come up automatically, in between which you can post the code, when you click the button when replying.

Ok thx,

control v works

right click and paste does not

greetings Chris

Should be the same thing.. perhaps you're right-clicking a place that isn't part of the text area, can't think of another reason why the mouse way of paste would work differently than the keyboard way...