Uploading Error - Please Help

Hey guys,

Recently our arduino uno was working perfectly fine. Uploading our code, performing the actions. (on XP and windows 7).

However, a couple days ago it was unable to upload any more new code. It gives the typical errors of

avrdude: stk500_getsync(): not in sync: resp=0x00 avrdude: stk500_disable(): protocol error, expect=0x14, resp=0x51

Over those past couple of days ...I have read numerous topics about the problem, and have tried all of the suggestions. Still nothing.

I'm starting to believe that maybe we fried the chip? The chip did get a little hot (making me feel that it got fried).

Our Setup:

We have a 14V source connecting to the vin pin. My question is although the arduino is rated for 6-20V is 14V enough to fry the chip? Also is there a max current allowed through the arduino so it doesnt break as well ? (since excess current can cause the chip to heat?)

Let me know if you need any other information!

Thanks for the help and any info you can provide us!

15VDC is stable in the arduino to an extent (there's currently a topic about it)

The chip is limited by the amount of current it can put out- 40mA per pin or 200mA for the whole package I believe.

You keep referencing "the chip." There are many chips on an Arduino.

The on-board regulator has an input range of 6V-20V. However, the practical limit is 12V, which entirely depends on the amount of current being drawn through it. The higher the input voltage, the more heat that is generated, which results in less current being available.

The very first post in this forum is instructions on how to perform the loop-back test. This will tell you if your USB to Serial chip is no longer functioning.

The error you are receiving is a very generic error (which sucks because it is really the only error people really get.) The best suggestion is, try to manually RESET when uploading. Sometimes, it is necessary to hold the ATmega328 in RESET until avrdude is trying to program.

Ok sorry about the confusion about the use of "chip" by chip I mean the ATmega328 chip was heating up a fair amount, so I wasn't sure if current was exceeding it.

As for holding it in reset... do you mean just hold down the reset button while its uploading? I heard pressing it at different intervals helps so I tried that and nothing so far. But I'll definitely try your idea.

Thanks for the replies so far!

Disconnect. Press and hold reset. Don't release until 1-2 seconds after the "sketch size" message appears in the IDE. Though if the atmega is too hot to touch, that chip is dead.

I am having the same issue with the Uno but the chip is not getting hot. The only light on is the on light and the rx flashes a couple times but other than that nothing. I have tried all the other solutions with no response either. any suggestions?