Uploading error

I am trying to upload a program (BLINK) to a arduino uno. The sketch compiles but I get a "Invalid library found in C:\Users\owner\Documents\Arduino\libraries__MACOSX: C:\Users\owner\Documents\Arduino\libraries__MACOSX" message when I upload. I am using Windows 10 and downloaded IDE 1.6.7. It seems to me that the IDE is setup for a Mac machine and not a Windows machine.

Any ideas?


This is not a problem with the IDE. It's an invalid 3rd party library that you have installed which is causing the error. Some libraries come with a __MACOSX as well as a standard folder. I'm guessing that you inadvertently installed both folders to your C:\Users\owner\Documents\Arduino\libraries folder. You should delete the C:\Users\owner\Documents\Arduino\libraries__MACOSX folder and the problem will be solved.