Uploading error

Hey all! So I've been playing around with my arduino but suddenly it stopped uploading! I keep getting and error saying "avrdude: stk500_recv(): programmer is not responding" it's super annoying and I don't know what to do! The Arduino is recognized by the ide and has power but I just can't upload. When I push the reset button the "L" led blinks and I am using the correct board and port. The Programmer I am using is AVRISP mkll. Is that the right one? I've tried other ones and they don't work either. If I try burning the bootloader all I get is an error message saying "Cannot burn bootloader". Anyway does anyone know what my problem is?


Which Arduino board? The L blinks at reset so the bootloader indicated that is there. Do not try to re-burn the bootloader for now. In addition you cannot burn the bootloader via USB, you will need ISP programmer - another HW. Better to focus to communication first - PC, cable, on-board transceiver. AVRISP mkll is default and correct. What about Rx, Tx LEDs? Rx should blink at upload start, at least. Post the log from uploading. You can do the loop-back test. It is described in tutorials here on the web.

Loop-Back Test Instructions

  1. Post the full message.

  2. Are you saying you are using a AVR ISP MkII? Or just that that's what's selected in programmer menu? The Tools -> programmer menu selection is ONLY used when doing "Burn Bootloader" or "Upload using programmer" - it is ignored for normal uploads. The programmers in that menu are physical items, a device that you connect to the ISP pins - it can be used to upload sketches, or to write a bootloader to a blank chip; the bootloader then allows you to program it over serial, as you normally would.

So I have the Arduino Uno and I am getting no tx or Rx lights blinking or turning on. When I upload all I get is the same error. The test this you sent me was a bit confusing (I'm still new to this) but I haven't fixed it yet.

No TX/Rx light - no connection. It can be USB port, incorrect port choose, driver, cable, on-board transceiver HW or SW. Original UNO uses ATmega16U2 but clones are nearly always with CH341G.

What is confusing on loop-back test? You have to do 2 things. Prevent the ATmega328P to start: if the RESET pin is low, the MCU doesn't start after power up. You need just connect RESET and GND with small resistor cca >1k to keep it low. 2nd requirement is to connect Rx to Tx with wire, then start terminal emulator like PuTTY and what is typed it must be received if everything is O.K.