Uploading esp 13 wifi

Hello! good day!

I’m uploading a firmware to my esp 13 wifi shield from doit , and i have a arduino nano. My arduino nano has RXD and TXD and the required connection from esp to nano is RX to TX1 and from esp TX to RX0 to nano, But still i can’t upload the firmware , is there any wrong in the connection ? I’m a beginner to this and i don’t have any experience.

Thanks for helping

Counterintuitively, the correct connections in this case are TX-TX, RX-RX.

Hello :D, is my connection correct ? i posted an image.

i posted an image.

Don’t post pictures of text! That is very unhelpful.

is my connection correct ?

Read what I already wrote:

the correct connections in this case are TX-TX, RX-RX.

Hello, the img has a connection D0 and it’s function is “programming selector goes to G”. What about this?

you connect GPIO0 (D0) to ground on esp8266 (ESP12) to go into bootloader/programming/flashing mode with reset of the esp8266

Hello sir, i tried to connect the D0 to G , but nothing happened.

it takes the esp into bootloader mode only on power up or reset of the esp