Uploading from linux with no X11 installed.

Hi Guys,

I recently picked up an arduino and it’s been great running it on my Mac and Windows box. I have an old Raspberry Pi that I run completely without X11 and I need to be able to get it to at least upload to the arduino. I have searched everything for hours and have been searching, using aptitude and compiling to no avail. Please help me out here, I am totally stuck.

  1. Is it possible to upload to arduino without having any X11 dependencies?
  2. If so, how can I safe a compiled version of the software for transfer out of the Arduino IDE?

On the downloads page, arduino have a version for ARM in beta stage. I think that you can get that by doing " sudo apt-get arduino "

Try it,I am not a linux expert. I used it for nearly 2-4 times.