uploading hex-file using IDE ?


in case i do not have project source files but only the hex-file:

Can i use the IDE to upload this hex-file to Arduino ? Is the hex-file sufficient or do i need *.elf and friends also ?

The arduino IDE has no provision to upload hex files directly. However if you can master using AVRDUDE in command line mode you can accomblish that. I can't give you the needed steps as I've never attempted to use AVRDUDE that way. Is there a reason you can't just use the normal IDE upload command using the original source sketch?


The reason is that the author of the code does not want to give the sources.


Hold down the shift key when uploading a sketch. You will see all the commands used to compile, link, and upload the hex file that is produced.

Practice using those commands to compile, link, and upload code that you do have the source for.

Then, use the upload command to upload the hex file that you do not have the source for.