Uploading Problems and Burning Bootloader Arduino Pro and Mini Solution

I had a freaking 4 days now finding out what was going wrong while uploading sketches on Arduino Pro and Arduino Mini. Thanks to the net I found solutions, but unfortunately not all information in one place. This is why i thought i but this together in one post.

My Pro and Mini would terminate each attempt of uploading sketches with an error. The cause for this could only be wrong cabeling from FTDI to Arduino or missing bootloaders.

Therefore my first step has been to burn new bootloaders by turning an Arduino Uno into a bootloader:

Load Sketch ArduinoISP from Files/Examples on Arduino Uno Uno Arduino Pro/Mini D11 D11 D12 D12 D13 D13 5 or 3.3V VCC GND GND D10 RST Select Arduino Pro or Mini according to what you are using from Tools/Board Select w/ Arduino as ISP from Tools/BurnBootloader Off you go...

No the wireing for the uploading The FTDI used is the UM232R. Same wiring possible with any FTDI Board

For 3.3V Boards Arduino Mini/Pro 3.3V FTDI TX RX (5) RX TX (1) 5/3.3V 3.3V (19) GND GND (24) RST DTR

Arduino Pro 5V FTDI TX RX (5) RX TX (1) 5/3.3V USB = 5V (14) GND GND (24) RST DTR

I did this with 4 different boards and it worked perfectly and smooth....Have fun