uploading problems

I'm just new with the arduino duemilanove ATMEGA328, and I'm no able to load any program, not even the blink example. I'm running in vista x86. USB serial port COM4 is installed and also the arduino driver USB serial converter. I'm trying with the 0021 IDE version and I think I have the last version of Java. Can anyone help me? Also, LED 13 is always irregulary blinking when the arduino is connected

Let me answer with few questions: - Is the port correctly installed (can you see it in the system devices)? - Can you at least verify/compile the sketch? - Do you get any error message from the IDE when attempting to upload your sketch? - Did you select the right target board? - Did you try to use another Usb cable?

please read this:- http://arduino.cc/en/Guide/Troubleshooting