Uploading program on Arduino UNO gets infinite time

Hey Champs

Hope you are fine at your work. I am really sad to get following issue, please help me. I damaged already placed IC on Arduino UNO Board i.e ATmega328P-PU (Atmel 1440) I purchased 10 ICs i.e ATmega328P-PU (Atmel 1611). I replaced IC with new one. Now I lost my one week to get uploaded even a simple LED Blink program on new IC, When i use to upload program it gets long time and results "Problem uploading to board". Note: I have verified placement of IC on board Board is connected at right port with Arduino IDE Board itself is burnt Using Arduino 1.6.0 IDE

I am wondering either is not the compatibility issue of IC? because already placed IC on board was (Atmel 1440 and now i have Atmel 1611) with same specs.

Your answer is highly appreciated Thanks

Are you sure the ATmega was the only damaged part on your board? Did you upload the bootloader to the new ATmegas first?

Board is not damaged... I tried another family of ATmega328P i.e Atmel 1306, It works fine for me. I don't what happened to ATmel 1611. I checked all 10 ICs but unable get any one right.

Hmm, did you buy them on ebay? Personally, I have no experience but I read here on forum that the ATmegas (Chinese) from ebay are fakes and it happens with those.

I purchased from local stores of Islamabad (Pakistan), they usually purchase from china. bad luck ;D