uploading recieved data online server

hi everyone..hope is everyone is doing fine..ok concept is that....i have interfaced barebone uno with RF 434Mhz modules transmitter and reciever..The transmitter will transmit data every one hour...and receiver will recieve it and data can be logged from RS 232 data logger(termite). However I wanted to store data in an online server..so that i can check the data whenever i want by logging in that online server..and from any part of the world..can you please suggest me how that can be done thank you...

Well - if you can log the data to a file - which supposedly "termite" can already do, with a plugin (assuming I found the right docs for termite - you might want to link to it) - then at that point you just need to get the data to the server you want to serve it from.

Honestly, this is really outside the scope of this forum.

That said, basically what you would want to do is have the file - on a regular basis - uploaded to your server (whatever it is); perhaps termite could handle this - or you could use something like Secure FTP (sftp) - heck, even curl could do it (with curl, you'd write a web page and handler that would allow you to upload a file - basically a file upload form - but without the form - then curl can be used to do a multipart file upload of the log file).

Once you have it on the server, you can then do what you like with it - which again, is far outside the scope of this forum - I could tell you a ton of ways to do it, but it would take more time and space than I have here to do so.

So - I would concentrate first on looking into getting the data up to your server - then figure out what you want to do with it, how you want to store and manipulate it, and how you want to provide views into it for others. Those fall under more advanced server development topics, none of them related to the Arduino - and would be better served by other advice venues (Stack Overflow might be a good starting point).

haha well most of it went above my head…like u are saying…this isnt really linked to arduino uno…well firstly i dont really need to manipulate data…that isnt our part of the project…the main issue we are having is that currently data is being stored in termite…but we cannot keep our computer on 24/7 for weeks…because eventually we have to turn the pc off…in that case data is storing nowhere.one the pc is off…

No manipulation nothing is required…we just need to store recieving data.which is still transmitting mind u…somewhere linked to internet…so that instead of opening termite…we can just login to a wesbite i dont know.something along those lines…and we can just see the data being recieved there…

thre was this guy i vaguely remember mentioned something about GSM Shields or ethernet shields… which we can attach…to the arduino interfaced wth rx on the recieving side…and attach SD memory cards something along those lines…to link it to a server…any idea on that ?? Thanks once again

Hi, I was looking for more project ideas to add to my web server project and I saw your post. Maybe we are developing something useful for each other.

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